Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday - Teachable Moments


My 6 year old baby girl daughter is in Kindergarten. She is enjoying her first year riding the bus home from school and feels like such a big girl.
This is her holding her first tooth she lost about a month ago in her keepsake tooth fairy box:
The bus driver is an older man, so sweet, loves kids, and I feel very good about letting her ride the bus in the afternoons. For the most part, we have had no problems with the older kids on the bus. One time she did have an older girl squeeze her arm, but I told her not to sit w/ her anymore, and it has been all good since then.

However, she came yesterday, and as she was eating her snack, she casually mentioned the older girls behind her on the bus were telling scary stories about a bathroom. She didn't seem too upset, I reassured her they were not true, etc. and we went about our day.

Then, last night as I am snuggling down in my nest bed, ready to drift off to never never land, Gracie comes in my room. Very unlike her, once she is out, she is out for the night. She told me she was scared because she woke up thinking about those scary stories she had heard on the bus the day before. I comforted her once again, reassured her they were not true stories, tucked her back in, and called in Daddy to lay with her till she fell back asleep.

What did I want to do when she told me that?
I wanted to (and I did offer) to start picking her up from school, and never let her ride that big bad bus again! ;) I think, to an extent, we all would like to keep our kids in a protective little bubble and shield them from all the bad things in the world. But as we all know, that is not a realistic option.

So what is the wise thing to do?
Well, here's how I see it. God has given me these precious gifts called children. As a friend of mine @ MOPS said the other day, you really only have 18 summers, 18 Falls, 18 springs, and 18 winters...that these little gifts will be close by under your wing...under your roof. It is our God-given responsibility to train them, to teach them, and to guide them. It is my job to equip her for the world. I can't protect her forever and I won't always be there to comfort her. I need to teach her to be discerning about what she listens to and hears, and as she gets older, to go to the true source of comfort, God.

So, the 2nd time she came back to my room (before I sent Daddy in), I said a little prayer with her. I want her to know when she is afraid, and I am not there,she has a Heavenly Father she can talk to. While she was not instantly at peace, I hope that I was able to make it a "teachable moment", and that I can remember to do that more often.

It's kind scary when you have to send them off to new places for the first time, and when you realize they are no longer by your side and "under your wing" at all times. I have to remind myself to man Mommy up, lovingly equip these babies for the world, and that I won't always be able to shelter them.

Proverbs 22:6 "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

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Krystyn said...

What an extremely teachable moment...and more importantly, a very good lesson for her to learn.

Leslie said...

What a great teachable moment. My 5 yr old has learned that she can pray to her Heavenly Father when she is scare and he will comfort her. I hope it stays with her.

Jessica said...

Children are so precious! I also am trying to teach my little guy to say a little prayer when he's scared in his room. I really want him to know that his Heavenly Father and Jesus love him and will keep him safe. I applaud your choice to teach your daughter instead of putting her in a bubble (because someday that bubble would burst for sure!)

Kelley Sue Photography said...

That was beautiful, Heather. Thank you for sharing. Please tell Gracie I love her and I am VERY proud of her.

Bobbi Lee said...

What a tender moment! And not only did you take the opportunity to teach, but you also wrote it down. I'm worried that I won't remember those sweet instances in the distant future. Thank you for sharing and reminding all of us to make the most important things part of all our lives.

bigguysmama said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the bus ride. We're in such a small town that every age rides the buses. High schoolers are supposed to be in the back working their way up to the front with elementary kids. My oldest is graduating this year (gulp) and my youngest is in Kindergarten. I can tell you it passes in the blink of an eye! :(

Blessings on instilling a trust in God as your daughter's strength & protection.

~Mimi B

queenb said...

That was such a sweet story. You are so strong, as I probably would have gone straight to her school and picked her up everyday from there on! The statement you made about having only 18 summers, 18 falls, 18 springs, and 18 winters to have them under your wings was just a heart stopping moment for me. That sounds like such a short time to be able to nourish and mold those little lives! Oh my goodness. THAT was an eye opener! Thanks, for that. We all need to ponder that thought for a moment.

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing your teachable moment and for being inspiring to the rest of us mothers. It made me feel warm inside!

And the Swap Meet sounds like a great idea.

SoBella Creations said...

We tell our daughter to remember she has a guardian Angel watching over her.

I'm glad we don't have to worry about the school bus. I have to bring my daughter to school and pick her up.

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