Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thoughts for Thursday - Family Fun Night


I am a mom of a 3 year old son & a 6 year old daughter. I have been married to a great guy for 11 1/2 years. We adore our kids and treasure our family time!

My 2 munchkins @ Nana's house:

We try to have Family Fun Nights often around here. I thought I would share several things the kids enjoy.

1. My daughter likes this one especially! At dinner time I fill a bowl with questions that I have written on pieces of paper. We each take turns going around the table and pulling a question from the bowl.
Some of the questions we use are:
"What made you happy today?"
"What is something kind you did for someone today?"
"What interesting thing did you learn today?"

It sounds simple, and it is! The kids love it & it makes for great conversation starters!

2. Movie Night! We love movies in this house! A treat for the kids is to head to the basement to watch Daddy's big screen tv with the surround sound volume cranked! We all snuggle up on the couch under blankets and the kids love to eat popcorn! Snacks are a vital part of the movie experience. You can even sweeten up your popcorn with cinnamon & sugar...yumo! Add some drinks in spill-proof cups to the mix and you're good to go! The kids could even make pretend movie tickets for the night. Some of our fav flicks are: Kung Fu Panda, Wall E, The Rescuers, and the list goes on...and on!!!

3. Game Night! There are even a few games my 3 yr old can participate in. Some of our favs are Sorry, Memory Games, and Trouble.

To most kids it doesn't matter what you are doing, as long as you are doing it with them! ;)

Our family @ Christmas:

What are some of your favorite Family Fun Nights?


Leslie said...

We do Pizza/Movie Night at least twice a month. We also on occasion make homemade doughnuts ( and they love to help--it is a real treat. Anytime I bake it is a family affair.
Every Monday night is Family Home Evening in our house, and we have a spiritual message along with a game and singing.

Doesn't take much to make my 5 and 2 yr old happy.

Melissa said...

Oh those sound wonderful! What a great idea! We have family night on Monday nights. We try to do something fun together like make cookies, play a board game (before our two year old messes it up) and if we decide to splurge, go bowling, my 5 year olds favorite! Your kids are so cute- your family too! I'll have to try that questions in a bowl. My 5 year old LOVES when we ask questions about himself and his day. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

Krystyn said...

We aren't quite ready for family fun night (with a 2 year old and a 4 month old), but we do movies some nights (me and hubby) or play games together (board or Wii).

I really like the question bowl idea. I think my 2 year old would love it.

Bobbi Lee said...

My boy isn't old enough to really know what's going on yet, but growing up, we loved playing night games out in the yard together. Freeze tag, Dodgeball, and Basketball topped the list. I'm excited to carry on the tradition with my family and am glad to see other families spending time together as well. It seems to be such a rare find these days...

Cora said...

We love husband started us on that journey. I got hooked and then included our daughter. Our son likes when we do this together because he gets to put the stickers on the page for decoration!

Anonymous said...

Your family is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the great pics! Well I don't have kids (yet)...but one way we get together with friends and have fun w/o spending money is to have game night....Guys vs Girls Pictionary, Poker, Canasta, Mexican train dominoes! We'll play anything!!!

Jessica said...

My boyfriend and I LOVE to go visit my aunt, uncle & cousins and have game night. We typically play board games, watch comedy movies, etc. And, we plan an entire meal & it's kinda like a potluck (but nothing fancy) and everyone brings something. (Even if it's sandwiches from Subway, chips from the grocery store, and a big bottle of soda.)

Shannon said...

I love your ideas! Especially the bowl of questions. Right now, my son is so little that we don't do anything too complex. Mostly we'll just all hang out in his room & play. I'm looking forward to future family nights tho!

Goff Six Adventures said...

I'm a mom of 4 & LOVE the question bowl idea - I'm going to do it tonight! We have board on the wall where we hang our names to take turns being in charge of part of our family nights. My kids LOVE being the one in charge of the treat - they get to pick anything they want & help me make/buy it! It's fun to get them involved in planning - I think the nights go better when they have helped put something into it too! Sorry is their favorite game to play as a family-they love sending Dad back to start!..or the Wii!

Mommy Mantra said...

Love this post! Some of our family night ideas are shared on Thanks for sharing!


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