Friday, February 27, 2009

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If you are new to The Gift Closet, you will soon learn one of my passions is promoting other Female & Mom-prenuers! So, every Friday, you can count on me introducing you to a couple of new entrepreneurs that I have met online!

Today I would like for you to meet Gwenn Mitchell. Mom-prenuer and proud owner of Brown Bag 'Em! BrownBag'em provides creative, fun and inspirational "messaging on a bag." All of our messages promote a positive attitude to encourage and nurture your child's self esteem, talents and intellectual growth.
Gwenn's Inspiration:

"BrownBag'em, was created in 2007, after an endless search to find inspirational and educational messages on brown paper lunch bags. As parents, we know that loving words are critical for cultivating a happy and fulfilling life for our children, however, with our busy lives juggling careers, kids, and carpools we often forget to stop and let them know just how important they are to us.

The bags were created by chance. At the time, my daughter was experiencing separation anxiety, so I would write her encouraging notes and put them in her lunch bag. One day however, I could not find a piece of paper, so I quickly scratched a note with a cute picture on her brown lunch/snack bag. When she took the bag out at school, some of the children started asking her if they could have it. She came home that day and asked me if I could make the other students one, and that is when I got the idea for BrownBagem. We love what we do and we hope you like it too! We are always creating new designs, so be sure to visit us at"

Want it?
Special offer from BrownBag'em to Gift Closet readers: Buy two get one free. No code needed, just note which free set you would like at the time of purchase. Sale expires 3/30/2009.Click here to shop.

Meet Faigy from Flying Colors Baby!Faigy offers adorable children's clothing at her online boutique.

About Flying Colors Baby
"Flying Colors Baby is an online retailer of fine children's clothing. Our mission is to provide our customers with expertise and personalized service unmatched in the children's clothing industry.In order to continuously offer exciting new products, we are always searching for new styles and lines from around the world. We aim to offer the best new styles and fashion, season after season.We’re proud to offer you the finest in baby and children’s clothing by the designers you know and love. Every item is packaged as a gift and shipped with care.With personal attention to quality, comfort, and style, each piece is handpicked to provide a splash of color and creativity into any child’s wardrobe!Flying Colors Baby strives for excellent service and complete satisfaction for each customer."

Want it? Click the above picture to shop. Use the promo code of "fcb10%" for an additional 10% discount even on sale items!!

Interested in hosting a giveaway at The Gift Closet? Please email me at
heatherldt at bellsouth dot net! Have a great weekend! ;)


Krystyn said...

Love the lunch bags. What a cute idea. A neat addition would be to make the bags reusable with some sort of reusable drawing/note writing surface to be "greener."

And that dress is too cute.

AuBien said...

Those lunch bags are so cute! Love that idea.

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