Sunday, January 4, 2009

Not Into New Year's Resolutions?


Happy Belated New Year!! I'm back from a long trip to Texas to see my family. We had a wonderful time & I hope everyone's Holiday was a good one!

The bags are unpacked, laundry done, finally got the Christmas decorations down, and now I'm ready to blog!!

I have never been one to get into making New Year's Resolutions. I believe if you need to make a change in your life, do it now....because we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

Last year I was talking to a friend of mine about resolutions and she had heard a sermon that suggested instead of making New Year's Resolutions (which no one seems to keep anyway), why not have a "word" or theme for the year for yourself.

For example, last year my word was "Balance". I wanted to strive to balance all my roles....Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and the list goes on. Another friend chose "Open". She wanted to open her ears, her home, and be open to new opportunities.

This year I have chosen the word "Imitate". I want to focus on Imitating Christ first and foremost. I also need to often ask myself if I am the kind of person I want others to imitate. Could I ask my children to imitate me?

What is your word or theme for 2009?


Roxanne said...

Thanks for the idea! I like it! My theme would be GIVE. I want to meet needs of others in a tangible way. I am praying God will show me needs that I can help fill personally in His name... like not just donating money or volunteering but actually going out and buying or doing for that person myself! I'm excited to see what God leads me to!

AuBien said...

I read about this on Ali Edwards' blog. She's currently featuring the topic again. My word for 2009 is believe. I'm going to blog about it one day this week.

The Charm House said...

What an awesome word to focus on! And that is the question that as parents we should ask ourselves at the end of the day ~ Did we live today as we would our children to? Wow.... I love your outlook!
Adding you to my favorites...

tara @ kidz said...

What a great word and sentiment. Best wishes for 09!

Marci @ All Things Wonderful said...

Hi! I came over from Tip Junkie. What a great 2009 Word. Very Pretty blog. Happy New Year!

Jessica said...

Organize. My life is wonderful and there are so many things that I want to do that I decided I need to organize everything in my life and prioritize. Family comes first.

Brenda said...

Moderation. Just do what I can!

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