Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday's Feature - Author Lacresha Hayes


I first met Lacresha Hayes a few months ago when she approached me to be a guest blogger on her blog, Truth and Intimacy. This is a blog focused on marriage, with posts by both her & her husband.

Lacresha is the founder and VP of Living Waters Publishing Company and Christian Consulting Company. She is also the author of fifteen books, many articles, and a professional speaker. I respect and admire how she uses her past to become a better person, and share that encouragement and hope with others. Having been through some of the things she has myself, I appreciate her book, "The Rape of Innocence: Taking Captivity". I have the philosophy of "No Regrets" in my life. I choose to learn from what has happened and I choose to become a better & stronger person because of it. That is exactly what Lacresha has done. She has captured her experiences and how she has risen above them in her books. Lacresha also has an encouraging blog called Pretty, Prosperous, Powerful.
This is what inspired Lacresha to become an author:
"Writing has been a source of therapy for me. The books I write help me to heal from my past, accept my present, and hope for my future. Each time one goes to print and people begin to write me about them, it encourages me to write more. I find freedom when I write. I tap into my imagination where there are no walls and ceilings, no expectations. There's only me and whatever I want to create. That's a power most authors will tell you is addictive. When I tasted that freedom, I knew I'd write the rest of my life."

The Gift Closet readers can get any of her books, for $10 each, even the newest release, Truth and Intimacy ($19.99)! You can order by clicking here.

Thanks for sharing with us today Lacresha!!

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Lacresha on Writing, Women and Wisdom said...

How totally neat, Heather. I appreciate this very much.

K.T. said...

Hey Lacresha. You just pop up everywhere, doncha. Love you, chicka.

Kimberly's Book and Author Picks said...

I like this blog. Very nice and soothing. Lacresha, you already know how I feel about you. Seems you're making good impressions everywhere and that's a great thing.

Keep pressing for God and when the time comes, He'll press for you.

The High Powered Woman said...

Nice review of a great woman. Keep up the good work, Lacresha. Women are still crying out for your testimony.

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