Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Blog Makeover


My wonderful blog designer, Traci, from Sweet Cheeky Designs, is giving back!

Each month Traci chooses someone who she admires, or has done something to catch her eye, and do a courtesy blog for them! If you know someone who could use and deserves a blog makeover, nominate them by clicking here and posting it in a comment! Tell Traci I sent ya'! ;)


David and Samantha said...

So, can I nominate myself!!! I have an adoption blog that I use to keep people updated on all things adoption. I would love to switch it over to Blogger, I am currently using wordpress, but would prefer blogger. My address is [www dot adoption update dot wordpress dot com] It is an information based website that informs you of all the latest news and changes! It is very informative and I am very proud of it! Thanks!


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