Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


As the Holidays approach I seem to be falling into the same habit of being sad and thinking of when we lost my Dad 3 years ago at Christmas. I am working hard to break that pattern this year. It seems as though God has been sending me the same message over and thankful for what you do have this year, instead of thinking about what you do not have.

I thought about that a few weeks ago and decided to try & focus on that this Holiday season. Since then, I have been seeing that same thought written in several different blogs and articles I have read.

So, as I gather with our family to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, I will remember to focus on what a wonderful family I am blessed with, instead of the ones I have lost.

Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving & God Bless!


YaYa's Funhouse said...

Heather, I totally understand. I lost my Dad the day after my birthday, Nov 16 (just before the holidays). It has been 21 yrs ago. It becomes easier with time to remember and think of all the good times and be thankful for your family now. You still remember, but when I do I think of where he is and then I'm ok. I will remember you this holiday season. God Bless.

kristina said...

hey sweet girl! hope you had a great thanksgiving! like yaya =), i too have the blues during the holidays. i've had the tendency to be far away from home during this time of the year but this year, i decided to be brave and stay put =)...been doing the same thing as you: focusing on the blessings! and being truly thankful for the awesome life i've been given, even though i might not think that way on a daily basis =)

xoxo kristina

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