Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's Tip


I'm a big fan of movies...all kinds of movies. I used to have the Blockbuster membership where they mailed you a different movie each week. I cancelled it not long ago cuz it seemed like there were so many crappy movies out there filled with drugs, murder, violence, people being tortured, etc. That's just not my cup of tea!
Pop in a Jenn Lopez chick flick, Steel Magnolias (even though I cry every time), or The Last Samurai w/ Tom Cruise. Well, that's not really a chick flick, but anyway....and I'm happy...maybe with a little chocolate too...and some popcorn...ok, anyway!

So, last week the hubby & I rented "21" w/ Kevin Spacey & Kate Bosworth I believe. It's the movie about the Harvard students who learned how to count cards, went to Vegas, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it, till they got caught. It's based on a true story.

Now, why can't I be that dadgum smart?!? All I want is just 1 weekend of that....go to Vegas for a couple of nights, make $40,000, come home. I could do that.

Ok, well not really. I guess my conscience would get the best of me, right??? ;)

So for now I guess I'll have to settle for making $40 instead of $40,000 for a couple of days work.

If you're a SAHM like me, or just anyone who's looking to make a few extra bucks, you might want to check this out. I don't think it's big bucks, but it's bucks. And with the current state of the economy, I think we can all use a few extra of those!

I stumbled across a couple of money making opportunities that I thought I'd pass along.......

This is a link to an adorable website called, What's That Smell? The name alone cracks me up....as a SAHM I def can relate to that question!
This specific page is all about getting paid to do surveys from legit companies, from home.


Laurie @ tip Junkie is looking for Sales Reps:


I'm all about making some extra bucks, so I can stay home w/ my little Blue Eyed Blondies...

Anywho, that's all for Tuesdays' Tip! Be sure to come by tomorrow for my very first giveaway...I'm so excited!!!


Jennifer said...

I did a few of the paid surveys a while back (not through the link you posted) and never got paid for it. It seems like more trouble than it was worth but it may have just been the company I went through.

I admire all the SAHM's that do extra things in order to stay home. On top of that, it's just nice having my OWN money!!

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